Putin anwering Estonian Journalist’s Question about Occupation and Other Issues

My dear reader,

Don’t think that I have a nostalgy for Vladimer vladimerovich, but while surfing the internet I found this video and decided to share with you.

I really enjoyed this video!! Russians know how to answer and make you feel that all the other nations are lower, mistaken and dumb. Good job Vladimer Vladimerovich!

It’s like when Russian politicions teach Georgians their own history, how they helped us and etc. Nice maneuvers, Russian style of Politics. Unfortunately it works on masses, who have no clue about what happend or happens in reality.

What can we do, this is Russia, the only Russia we have and nobody can change it. And We – Russia’s neighbors- suffer curse of Geography!! But we have no other way – should deal both with Russia and West!

But we will survive – like in Diana Ross’s song – again because we have no other way back. I hope 😉


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