Stop Russian Agression!!!!!! Support Georgia!!

West cannot be indifferent to what happens in Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
International Community can’t just speak and ask for peace!!!!! We need ation!!
At this moment, when you are reading this letter, they are bombing peaceful civilians. Several Georgian towns (not situated in the conflict zone!) are being intensively bombed. Thousands of peaceful Georgians got killed. People flee from their homes in Gori and Tskhinvali region and try to find shelter.
If we tolerate this, if EU tolerates this, if NATO tolerates this – YOUR COUNTRY CAN BE NEXT! They should strongly condemn the actions by the Russian military forces against the sovereign and independent country of Georgia.
This is a test for the credibility of the EU and NATO to solve the conflict in its immediate neighborhood and to prove for all EU and NATO members, aspirant countries and democratic partners that it is worth being members and partners of these organizations.

Please spread the word and share this info with all your contacts as a sign of protest against Russian aggression!

Let’s Stop Russian aggression!


21 thoughts on “Stop Russian Agression!!!!!! Support Georgia!!


    • I am so sorry for you and people like you who can’t understand what’s really going on round you!!! Can’t you see what’s your politics is doing?? Don’t you really understand anything or you are just pretending?! Can’t you see how Kremlin is ruling your minds?? can’t you read and watch something other then russian tv chanels and newspapers?! be more openminded!!!! nobody is against russian people!!!! yes Russia is huge country but it doesnt allows it to do as it wish without taking into consideration law, morals….. Don’t you remember what your politicions did with Chechnia? what they did in Beslan? I was studing that topic and believe me what kremlin did in order to hide information and it’s tru aims is a guilt in front of all the peoples of caucasus and world!!!!!!
      People wake up!!!! If we are doing mistake in our politics, its our business!!!! may be we did mistake that started atacking after Russians provocation but what can you tell me what Russian army is doing outside of south Osetia? is it their peacekeeping??? Lots of people died because of your bombing!!!! do you think that’t right??? you don’t know what happend there, you know what your media is telling you!!!!
      Georgia is small country but definitelly you can’t say that there is nothing!!! is it also part of Russian imperialistic minding when all the other small nations are lower???? Georgia has much longer history and great culture that Russia and lot’s of other countries in the world but because of it we never been mad, we are proud of this but we respect others as well!!! yous hould understand that others also deserv respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Russia should understand that it’s not sovie union eny more!!! those times are over!!!! it should stop inv=olving into our business!!! During 18 years Russia is holding its hand on Abkhazia and South Osetia in order not to loose control over Georgia and Caucasus. If you think that caucasus and Georgia doesn’t have any importance, then I was mistaken to answer your post, cause it ahs no sence……
      Georgian government twice announced about Ceasing Fire!! But Russian soldiers keep bombing!!!!!!
      Russia should respect other soveregnity!!!! Russia doesnt have unlimited power!!! may be you think but once it will be over!!!! Europe is very weak and stuped cause it’s afraid staying without gas and oil, usa as well just speaks and finally leaves Georgia alone…… It’s the sad destiny of my country, we were always left alone in the end when we needed help!!! It was with russia as well after Georgievsk Traktat, when Russian Tsar pretended not to hear that Georgians needed help against agressors, instead Russia colonised Georgia!!!! Haven’t you ever thought why was Georgia akways so important if it doesnt have anything and is senceless????? you have to think about lots of things!!!
      I have deep hope that Russian people still can differ what good and what’s bad round them!!! I deeply hope!

      • my respects if you think like this and if there are lots of people thinking like you!!!!
        Wha can I add there? I think we both are for the same, for peace and respect in this fucked up world!!!
        Still, Georgia is not Chechnia and… u nas toje est tirpenie. ia radilas v Abxazii i seichas jivu v Tbilisi. mi ustali ot voini no est vsemu svoi granici. gruzia eto suverennaia stranna i u rasii ne bilo nekogda i seichas net prav vmeshivatsa v nashi dela!! eto ne nachilos segodna, eto nachilos davno…. mojet mi i malenki narod no mi trebuem uvajenie!! esli saakashvili durak eto ne putinu reshat i nakazivat za eto gruziu!!!! rosie nado konchat svaiu politiku. vse dapuskaiut oshibki v etom gniloi politike no v otlichie ot rossii mi vredim samomu sebe a rasia esho mnogo drugim….. prosto xochu mirno jit!!! jalko kak s grizinami vedut sebia v rosii. segodna pazvanili s moskvi shto zabrali v policiu vsex mujikov gruzinov vishedshix s cerkvi….. grustno, ochen grustno…. stidno… 😦

      • How all this started?
        Stalin was Georgian, and as such, knew just how much the various ethnic groups in his native land hated each other. So as the Communist Party guy in charge of map-making early in the Soviet Union, Stalin drew the boundaries of the Caucasus just absurdly enough to keep ethnic tensions on the boil, making a strong Soviet presence desired by all concerned.
        Old Soviet habits have died hard, some not at all. And this Russian tendency to play games like this in Georgia, or Armenia, or Ukraine, or Belarus, or name-your-republic, isn’t dead at all. It happens to be the one sure source of ethnic jingoism any Russian leader can turn to when he needs it domestically. See Chechnya.
        back to todays events…
        we were expecting hat something will happen this summer… there wa needed small provocation, doesn’t mean whos provocation as finally everybody would point on the other side… there was a provocation… Georgia who definitely had some hopes for international, les say American support first stated that Russian agressors invaded and shoot civil population… then we went into war as we had to protect sitizens… and then we went into it caouse its out teritory and people leaving on this teritory were asking Georgian government to protect them!!!!! we got positions ad 80 percent of Osetia but then Russian “peacekeepers” started bringing more and more soldiers, even more 58th army….it transported tanks and all the equipments….. what happend finally Russian “peacekeepers” started bombing outside South Osetia (where they were protecting their citizns as say say) and now most of cities are bombed by Russian plains!! They bombed not only strategic objects such as military bases and airports, but civilians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they used airplains that are forboden for peacekeeping operations!!!! should I continue? ok… We had hope for international protection but of course when it’s about Russia who cares about Georgians!!!! UN security council can’t get a resolution, though most important countries support Georgia!!!! just some hours ago Foreign ministers of France and Finland arrived in Tbilisi. they had meeting with Saakashvili and tomorrow will fly to Moscow!!! lets see what will happen!!!!
        p.s. today Gergia stopped fire but Russian airplanes continued bombing. I am afraid to sleap cause I am leaving near airports!!!

      • First of all there is no answer on my question!!!! About demographics? so what?
        And then, why you always choose wrong cources, can’t you read and proove your argument with less bised, more objective and valuable sources?! I read the text and it consists of 97 percent wrong information! As you know everybody can add information by himself on this site, so dguge yourself!!!!

      • All former Soviet Union citizens could became Russian citizens. A few years ago this way to immigrate to Russia was closed.
        What else would you like to know?

      • no I wanted to hear this. Russian way of politics!!!
        this way to immigrate to Russia was closed? of dear believe me it doesn’t mean anything cause all Abkhazian citizens have russian citizenship!!!

      • There is no Russian way of politics. There is the way of politics. The dirty one.
        A lot People from Georgia have Russian citizenship. What is the point?

      • I mean Russian politics in separatist regions!! Such as Abkhazia and South Osetia! not about Georgians living in Russia!

      • How hell should I know? I am not politician.
        I would say we need it calm: no shooting, no memorandums, no refugees.
        Diana, we have been making money for the few years. It was not bad. Russian economic was growing… Now we have this
        and the whole word is saying: Russia is aggressor. That means we should kiss bye-bye international investment.
        Can you tell me what is our score in Georgia which we gave up economic for?

      • I am not a politician as well….
        It depends how is country doing money!!! With others oil? with turkmenistan oil and provokating them so they don’t have other way but selling oil to Russia in “kapeiki”?
        I am happy for economic growth of any country, especially neighbouring countries. I am for partnership and competition!!! But not such poitics as puting embargo on neighbours products just because this country doesn’t want to be with you and kiss your ass…. I mean, small countries of course always have big friends,you are always pro-somebody, but we choose who will be our friend, without pressing and pushing us!!!! it’s small countries’ destiny..!!!!
        If Russia have problems it’s your falt (putins politics)!!!! nobody was askig to intervine in Georgias life and you wouldn’t pay anything for it!

  2. Why don’t you write, when Georgian troops killed SO civilians from tanks?
    Why you did not want stop Georgian aggression?
    Georgian troops killed 2100 people of SO… And Georgian said, that there was 129 Georgians killed in this war… Compare 2100 and 129…
    Who is the aggressor?
    Here is the first list of SO civilians, that was killed by Georgian troops. Names and the way, how they was killed. Google can help you to translate this page.
    And remember, that in 1992 UN said, that Georgian troops can not be in SO… That Russian troops must protect SO citizens from Georgia. And Georgia attacked first.
    Europe must punish Georgia and make respect for Russian troops, that prevent killing citizens of SO. But, they are not gods, and 2100 civilians was killed.

    • There is no point to respond to your comment! If you were open-minded person all those informations provided on this blog would be enough to change your mind. but if you still think what you wrote to me, well … I am sorry for you!!!
      good luck

  3. >If you were open-minded person all those informations provided on this blog would be enough to change your mind.
    I can read Russian propaganda and west propaganda… I see both side. I see facts: Georgia attacked first, Georgian troops didn’t have right to be in South Ossetia, Georgian troops killed from 1600 up to 2100 civilians… Georgia used cluster bombs (it is proved by HRW).
    This is facts… no emotions…
    Russian troops killed 128 georgians (soldiers and civilians)…
    Just compare 128 and 2100…. And think about “who must be stopped”
    I know, that you can delete my post… But facts can’t lie…. You can try to change my mind if you have any more facts.

    • I will not delete you comment, I am not doing this as you can see… we have one difference, I am not afraid of truth because I am right.
      First of all, I would correct you: Human Rights Watch Says Both Russia, Georgia Used Cluster Bombs. I doesn’t make me feel better that Russians used it as well, but we shouldn’t miss such important details!!! ok?
      Then, you said Georgia couldn’t be in South Osetia. I wonder why my dear friend? So Russia had to destroy Chechnia 2 times and Georgia couldn’t be on the territory of South Osetia that is officially recognized as a part of sovereign Georgia. Even if Georgia started first it was our teritorry ok? I am not for war, but it makes me sad how you Russians can’t understand anything. It’s not a soviet Union anymore, Russia should udnerstand that every state has right to choose their future, plans, aims, friends…. It’s not your business that we are with Americans… long time ago I preffered to be with Russia but after Russians fucked us up, it destroyed all my desire to be Russia’s partner. If Russia was smart state, it would make friends and not enemies. Tell my countries that appreciate Russia and its politics. it would be batter for you to have neighbors as friends but nooooo!! Sorry I forgot that Russia doesn’t want friends cause all the other should be afraid of it. It’s the nature of Russian imperialistic mind. believe me All this isn’t about South Osetia and Abkhazia at all, don’t believe that Russians care about Abkhazians or Osetians… come on remember what Russians have done with Chechens, beslan children and others, millions…. do you really believe in Russia’s “peacekeeping” mission? hm….
      Let’s say I really regret that we went to this war. first I am sorry for people. Then you should never know what Russia can do. Ok, let’s say we started and provoked you (Russians were getting ready for this long time before this war, there was provocations from Russian sides), then what the fuck Russians were doing outside of conflict region? and don’t even try to tell my traditional bullshit things!!!! There are lots of details saying how Russia violated international law!!! but of course it’s nothing for russia, it never respected rule of law anyway……
      About numbers pf killed people you can check on my blog, I have uploaded lot’s of informations about it! And by the way, one question: so it’s more important for you that (let’s imagine but it’s bullshit) that Georgians killed more then Russians, then the fact itself? so you think Russians killed all this people and this was fair right? bravo!!
      once my friend tolled me: The Russian claim of being provoked allows postmodern Westerners to maintain their relativist philosophy that truth does not exist and everyone is right from his or her point of view. It facilitates not having to take a moral stance. and she is right…..
      I just wish you to be more respectful to other nations and people!!!!!!!!!!! again, it wasn’t about Osetia and Abkhazia at all, all this started very long time ago when Russia created special department in the national institute in order to study every single possibility where the conflict can occur…. Its a geopolitics and Russia tries not to loose finally control over Caucasus. This is politics and poor countries like Georgia are always the ones that loose….. but believe me we are winners, cause we have dignity, respect and soul…. wish you the same….
      As for informations without emotions you can read my other posts!
      best wishes

      • >I will not delete you comment, I am not doing this as you can see… we have one difference,
        >I am not afraid of truth because I am right.
        Great respect.
        >First of all, I would correct you: Human Rights Watch Says Both Russia,
        >Georgia Used Cluster Bombs.
        “We are very clear that some of the weapons fired by the Georgians are unacceptable under international law,”
        Give me link, where HRW says, that Russia used Cluster bombs… And where Russia used it.
        >Then, you said Georgia couldn’t be in South Ossetia. I wonder why my dear friend?
        Because of mandate UN from 1992. UN said, that Russian troops must protect South Ossetia civilians from Georgian troops.
        > Even if Georgia started first it was our teritorry ok?
        Georgia started killing civilians on territory, that is protected by Russian peacekeepres from 1992 by UN mandate. And Georgian troops attacked Russian peacekeepers.
        >Russia should udnerstand that every state has right to choose their future, plans, aims, friends….
        Georgia must understand, that South Ossetia and Abhazia has right to choose their future…
        >It’s the nature of Russian imperialistic mind
        Same as USA? But Russian troops didn’t make invasions, like it was done by USA in Iraq…
        >Don’t believe that Russians care about Abkhazians or Osetians…
        Don’t believe that USA cares about Georgians, Chehens or people of Iraq.
        >Do you really believe in Russia’s “peacekeeping” mission? hm….
        It is written in UN mandate. And Georgian troops stopped killing civilians only after Russian troops attacked them. Georgian troops killed about 2100 civilians… If Russian troops didn’t stop them, they could kill much more…
        >Russians were getting ready for this long time before this war, there was provocations from Russian sides
        Provocations was from Geogians… I know it.
        >Then what the fuck Russians were doing outside of conflict region?
        Demilitarization. Georgian aircrafts, that bombed civilians, based near Gori, must be destroyed. Georgian military base, where Georgian troops trained, must be destroyed. The same tactic was used by NATO in Yugoslavia and by USA in Iraq.
        >About numbers pf killed people you can check on my blog, I have uploaded lot’s of
        >informations about it!
        Official information from Georgia is 129 people killed. It was written on But this article was deleted. Do you have link, where Georgian tells the world, how many Georgians was killed? And how many bodies of killed Georgian soldiers Saakashvilli didn’t want to see in Georgia (they was buried in South Ossetia by Russians)?
        >And by the way, one question: so it’s more important for you that (let’s imagine but it’s bullshit)
        >that Georgians killed more then Russians, then the fact itself? so you think Russians killed all
        >this people and this was fair right? bravo!!
        I want say, that you must understand two things:
        1) Georgian army attacked civilians of South Ossetia. That civilians was protected by Russian peacekeepers from Georgian troops with UN mandate of 1992. Georgian troops killed about 2100 civilians.
        2) Russian army did all, that it can to stop killing of citizens.
        Now think, who is an aggressor? Who attacked first and killed many civilians, destroyed hospital, school… Who crying “yaaahooo” when shoot from tank in civilian building? Or who stopped this bloody war?
        And another question: Why Georgian government blocked Russian sites?
        You see, Russians don’t see enemies in Georgians… Russian army just demilitarize Georgia.

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