Russians Moving deep into Georgia!!! Stop Russian Agression!!!

Russian forces have moved out of one of Georgia’s breakaway regions and into other areas of the country. Practically Russia is Anexing Georgia!!!!!!!
Russian news agency Interfax reported that Russian “peacekeeping units are conducting an operation” in Senaki. The report quoted a Defense Ministry official as saying the goal is to “prevent attacks by Georgian military units against South Ossetia.”

Monday’s military developments came as Georgia’s President Mikheil Saakashvili said he had signed an internationally-brokered cease-fire proposal that will be taken next to Moscow.
Saakashvili said Monday: “We are trying to stop this as soon as possible.”
He added that Georgian troops had downed “18 or 19” Russian warplanes, killed hundreds of Russian troops and repelled a Russian assault on the Georgian city of Gori, in Georgia near South Ossetia.
“We are in the process of invasion, occupation, and annihilation of an independent, democratic country,” he said.
Saakashvili abruptly ended his conference call with reporters Monday saying: “We have to go to the shelter because there are Russian planes flying over the presidential palace here, sorry.”


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