Several things we can do in our hardship!!!!! READ!!!

Hello everyone, 
(By Vazha Nadareishvili (from

Several things we can do in our hardship:
1. Opinion polls:
· Go to See the quick vote on the right hand side: Should the international community intervene in the fighting in Georgia? please, daaWiret/click “Yes”
· Go to Russian BBC and see the poll in the lower part of the right column.
2. Protest rallies. I am sending the links, where you can watch (if you have not seen them) energetic rallies of Los Angeles Georgian community. These were broadcasted by leading American TV channels such as ABC and Fox. There should be as many rallies like this as possible at as many places as possible. Please, send and disseminate these links and others like these.
3. One more thing we can do (many of you already do it) is to leave our comments on popular websites regarding Georgia-Russia war. It’s very important in information war against Russia as long as it can affect international public opinion. Let me also ask you to send each other such website addresses. I could suggest Reuters – What else? We could emphasize the following points in our comments, as many of you do: 

· West is obliged to defend Georgia given that the current Russian aggression is an immediate consequence of the recognition of Kosovo independence by Western countries.
· If the West, particularly USA, does not defend Georgia, it will damage their prestige because they could not or did not defend their friend (Georgia sent 2000 troops to Iraq, the third largest military contingent in the coalition forces). On the other hand, Russia will feel that its future aggression toward other countries will go unpunished as well. As a consequence, other countries neighboring with Russia will be discouraged or prevented from maintaining close ties with the West.
· Russian aggression, if tolerated, will not stop on Georgia. Next targets will be Ukraine and other former Soviet states, including Baltic countries. For sure, Russia will take control over oil supplies of Azerbaijan and Central Asian states.
· Next steps of Russia are heavily dependent on Western reaction. If this reaction is not strong enough, Russia will continue attempts to swallow Georgia.
· Russia bombs residential neighborhoods in no proximity of military installations. It bombs homes of hour families, relatives and friends. Hundreds of civilians are dead and thousands are injured.
· Russia continues air strikes despite the unilateral cease-fire from Georgian side. It sent 100s of tanks, heavy artillery equipments and military aircrafts, and tens of thousand troops to Georgia with the intent of its annihilation, as Russian leaders say.
· Russia did so because of Georgian aspirations to NATO and Western world. Recall that Russian leaders have repeatedly asserted that they will put every effort to prevent Georgia from joining NATO, while more than 75% of Georgians voted for NATO accession last January. Russia intends to terminate independence of the country that achieved the biggest progress toward democratization in recent years.
· It’s a nonsense that Georgians started this war. Georgian attack on Tskhinvali was a counterstrike after repeated attacks from the Russian-subordinated South-Osetian separatist militants at Georgian villages and peacekeepers. Georgia had no other choice than engaging in a war to protect its citizens. Going backwards, Russia sent without Georgian consent its paratroopers and heavy weaponry in Abkhazia this Spring, after Kosovan independence and Bukharest NATO summit, where Georgia was given a promise that it would be accepted to NATO. Russian aggression was avoided that time due to an active diplomatic pressure from Western countries. In such a situation, when all the attention was put to the Abkhazian conflict, Ossetian separatists started active military operations.
· If it’s still unclear who started this war and someone is inclined to think that Russian version that Georgia started it is correct, please recall what Russia was saying when invading into Finland, Hungary, Poland, Chekhoslovakia, Afghanistan and many other countries. Also, look at the timing – before US elections, when major attention of all Americans are arrested to this event. Recall that Russia traditionally undertakes its most aggressive actions immediately before US presidential elections – Hungary in March 1956, Checkhoslovakia in the spring of 1968, Afghanistan in December 1979.
aba tqven icit, gamogzavnet saitebi, sadac sheizleba komentarebis datoveba, miacvdinet xma vistanac migicvdebat. aucileblad iaqtiuret, es exla Zalian sachiroa. davivickot qartuli udardeloba da gvwamdes, rom samshoblos dacvis saqmeshi dadebuli titoeuli aguri uagresad mnishvnelovania samshoblos gadasarchenad. mash ertad vekvetot mters.
To cheer you up, here is one of the comments from some Georgian guy I liked very much. He responds to a couple of American friends saying that Georgians can expect diplomatic support from USA but should not expect US soldiers to help Georgia.
“Georgia really does not rely on US troops to help Georgia against Russia. Thanks for the strong diplomatic support. Regarding Russia: Empire of Evil strikes back. It will try to take over as much as it can, and not only in Georgia. Let me notice one thing: Georgian troops did not suffer any casualties while pulling out. They were not defeated by mighty Russian Army, but just pulled back after three days of victories, incurring an enormous damage to enemies – destroying 40 tanks destroyed and killing hundreds of soldiers, including 60 elite Russian paratroopers. Do Russian leaders have brains to admit that the withdrawal of troops was actually a face-saving move for Russia from Georgian side?”
aba gamarjvebebs gisurvebt,

Vazha Nadareishvili (from


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