Six Died in Gori Bombing Yestarday

 At least six people have been killed and more injured as a result of a bombing of the town of Gori yestarday morning, Temur Iakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration, said.
Gori has come under series of air strikes from the Russian aircraft in recent days. Many dozen of civilians were killed as a result of bombing on August 9.
Russian officials have been claiming that only military installations were targeted across Georgia and particularly in Gori – the military base located there.

One thought on “Six Died in Gori Bombing Yestarday

  1. Yesterday I was watching pictures from the bombed Gori, I saw some dead woman besides the ruined house and thought that she could be my mother… You know, the only thing I dream about is that one day Russians will pay with their blood for all the sins and pain they brought to the world.
    How I wish to come to Georgia and help with anything I can…

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