For all Facebook ussers! Support Georgia!!

Dear All,

First of all thank you for your attention and support that you expressed during these days!!!

We are calling all of you to invite your friends to join this LARGEST ON FACEBOOK PRO-GEORGIAN GROUP in order to raise awareness about RUSSIAN INVASION of GEORGIA.

Every new member is priceless for us as it means that one more person knows the truth about Russian Aggressive actions in Georgia!!!
For your information, at this moment, when you are reading this letter, they are bombing Georgian cities. People flee from their homes in Gori and Tskhinvali region and try to find shelter in Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia that was bombed during last two days. 
If we, EU and NATO tolerates this – YOUR COUNTRY CAN BE NEXT! They should strongly condemn the actions by the Russian military forces against the sovereign and independent country of Georgia. This is a test for the credibility of the EU and NATO to solve the conflict in its immediate neighborhood and to prove for all EU and NATO members, aspirant countries and democratic partners that it is worth being members and partners of these organizations. 
Please spread the word and invite your friends and ask them to invite their own to join this group as a sign of protest against Russian aggression!

Best regards to all of you


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