I wonder if Russian WAR-KEEPERS, oops, sorry “peacekeepers”….

I just wonder, ok, obviously Russia would win, it’s ridiculous to debate about it, but!!! They won the fight, will they win the war?

I just wonder, Russia says it is fighting in defence of Russian citizens in South Ossetia. Who will they claim to be defending tomorrow? Russians in the Ukraine, Russians in the Baltic states who are already members of the EU and Nato? Interesingly surprising… 

When Ms Rice uses tough words, saying Russia had “seriously overreached” itself and “This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia where Russia can threaten a neighbour, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed.” I wonder what have changed and looking forward to those changes if so….

I wonder when Mark MacKinnon, a Globe and Mail reporter says Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili seriously misjudged the nature of how much help he could expect from the West , adding “Nobody wants to die for South Ossetia,” does he wonder that there are other political-diplomatic methods in order to avoid such detriment ?! If EU didn’t step in Baltic and other ex-communist countries’ direction, would he mind about the same problems (that Georgia has) in Latvia or Poland? Or just because now they are EU citizens it makes differenece between Dead Georgians and dead EU citizens, Russian agression in Tallin and the same Agression in Gori?! does it?!! That is why EU and NATO should care more about those “others” inspired with joining western institutions. If Georgia was in NATO nothing would happen… Everybody wants to be part of some “family” …. and once some countries are In some their citizens openly start telling us how owful EU is and how much nobody cares about Georgia, saying why can’t we be happy without EU or NATO knowing nothing about Georgias location, not saying about (at least) recent history and politics. May be EU should become less egocentric and more attentive to it’s doorstep countries? Telling them that Russia isn’t reliable gas supplier, I don’t mean that Russia will be run out of gas or oil next week (even after 10 years). I just want to remind them one simle truth: Russia will use it’s monopoly over gas supply as a weapon everytime it wishs. Sounds a  simple truth, but …….

I wonder
if following comments are too exaggerated and just for public. “I don’t mean to sound dramatic here, but I think this is the most dramatic foreign policy event since Sept. 11,” James Carafano of the conservative Heritage Foundation told CTV Newsnet on Wednesday. “This will fundamentally change how countries think about how they’re going to provide security in the decades ahead.” And another: “The European Union cannot be indifferent to this war, these massacres on our doorstep,” said French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.  I wonder, how?! 

I wonder, if Russian WAR-KEEPERS, oops, sorry “peacekeepers” leave Georgia tomorrow …….


One thought on “I wonder if Russian WAR-KEEPERS, oops, sorry “peacekeepers”….

  1. I totally agree with you. If even Russians win tactically, they lost strategically. I enjoy watching news during these days, particularly I love watching how the international society kicks the Medvedev’s ass. Starting from ejecting Russia from the Great 8, and finishing with restricting it’s access to WTO, stopping it’s relations with NATO, etc. And the worst (or the best) thing in this situation is that someday some young Russian generation will understand that their moms and dads made everything so they become an outsiders and stinking barbarians to the world.

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