Russia Thanks Serbs For Support On Georgia

Russia’s ambassador to Belgrade has thanked Serbs for their “understanding of the situation in Georgia”. In a statement to Belgrade’s B92 television, Aleksandar Konuzin said Moscow was grateful for “the sympathy showed towards Russians and Russia’s citizens” during the armed conflict over the breakaway Georgia’s South Ossetia province.

Konuzin described it as “a humanitarian catastrophe caused by the criminal policy of the Georgian government” and praised the Serbs for “written and spoken expressions of your compassion regarding this sad situation”.
However, Serbian officials have so far remained cautious over the conflict in the breakaway province of South Ossetia. Belgrade’s watchfulness reflects concerns over possible unhelpful parallels being drawn between South Ossetia and Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in February and has so far been recognised by 45 countries. 
In a rare reaction, Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic, described the South Ossetia conflict “as a direct consequence of Kosovo’s secession”. Ivanovic said Kosovo’s example was “inspiring to South Ossetia”.

4 thoughts on “Russia Thanks Serbs For Support On Georgia

    • Russia is playing doubled play, supporting Serbia and Supporting breakaway regions in Georgia. Obviously Serbia supports Russia!!!!
      and btw, I will answer here about my kiev plans, I am researching the topic of NATO enlargement towards Ukraine and Georgia,t hat’s why I am moving to Kiev for 5 month. but because of this war I don;t want to leave the country yet.. I am doing master at Bologna University and this research is part of this master!!!

      • Wow, sounds nice!:) Here in Ukraine in 2006 NATO provided some kind of educational program for wide society to explain the main goals and objectives of the Alliance. And they cooperated a lot with my father, who held a lot of video-conferences with NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in all the cities through his network of press-clubs. I guess, you’re gonna find lots of information for your master.

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