Does this cease-fire agreement mean that Georgia will be loosing South Ossetia and Abkhazia?  It’s not my question. Some foreign journalists asked one of high official, doesn’t matter who and where…. Matters the question, matters why Saakashvilididn’t want to sign an agreement and what they (Saakashvili and Rice) were arguing on during 4 hours behind closed doars. We need to see the full text of that agreement and this conflict needs serious further analyze. We do know lots of such agreements during world history that later appeared something different than we thought and THEY were telling us. 
Of course all this conflict wasn’t about South Osetia, Abkhazia, of course it’s a play of big powers, but unfortunately the battle for this appeared to be on Georgian territory… So many obvious things and still everything is complicated… Yeah things are difficult when others decide your destiny and others call it politics… 
Once I said, Georgia is cursed by geography….


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