Timeline for 22nd August, to 14:30

14:30 Russian troops start withdrawal from Igoeti and Kaspi 25kms from Tbilisi towards Gori. Gori remains under Russian control.

14:00 100 armored vehicles start movement from Senaki towards Zugdidi. Russian troops still remain in Senaki and Poti.
12:00 Deputy Chief of Staff of Russian Army Anatoly Nogovitsin says on press conference that Russia will keep 18 checkpoints on South Ossetian-Georgian “border” and in buffer zone. The same amount of Check points and 2142 soldiers will remain on Georgian-Abkhazian “border”.
10:00 No evidence of Russian troops withdrawal is observed by 10:00
02:30 Unknown explosive device exploded in Marneuli, installed under the railway bridge – no damage reported. Reportedly antitank missile or explosive exploded under the Imiri railway bridge, Marneuli district, 25 kms south from Tbilisi. The bridge was not damaged. Russian troops dig entrenchments in village Chuberi near Enguri Power Plant. Military presence of Russian troops reported at the dam infrastructure of power plant.

The information is subjected to verification


2 thoughts on “Timeline for 22nd August, to 14:30

  1. I_ love _GA
    well hello there dianiko……it was nice to discover ur live journal.More the point i keep my finger on the pulse of ur vastly comprehensive , thorough & exhausting news about current georgia- russian conflict .. Even there is special accounting for taste cause ur r used to supporting georgia of spreading true and genuine news..Good stuff and keep it up! At the end of my comment i have a high urge to recount smth about GA. The winnin of peace has come from God’s hope.. God bless Georgia! Sincerely Vlado 🙂

    • Re: I_ love _GA
      Vlado, thank you so much for you comment!!!
      you are always welcomed on my livejournal pages!!!
      This is all I can do for spreading truth about ongoing events!!!

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