Documentary about Chechnya: The Price of Freedom (With English Subtitles)

"The Price of Freedom," will open eyes on the terrible truth. From this film, where numerous facts of barbarity and cruelty are presented, you will understand what the Russian-Chechen war is, who caused it, and what kind of terror is more dangerous: terror, from a tacit, consented of the world community in conditions of information, obstruction is carried out by nuclear power, which is having the repeated military superiority, over the opponent, and at war mainly with peace inhabitants – or individual certificates of reciprocal actions from the people, who have lost all and cannot see their future.
For Chechen civilians, Russia’s ‘clean-up’ operations amounts to little more than genocide. Even Russian soldiers condemn their actions in Chechnya.

See another Documentary here . Video was created by Journeyman Pictures, London’s leading independent distributor of topical news features, documentaries and footage.

When Ivan volunteered to fight in the second Chechen war, he had scant understanding of what he would experience. Even now, he remains deeply troubled by his time there. Lack of supplies and widespread alcoholism fuelled acts of brutality. His ill equipped unit had little choice but to rob civilians. "We had to feed ourselves. Of course we turned to looting. Of course we’d kill," he says. He believes the Chechens are being forced into acts of terrorism out of desperation and revenge. "We’d come in the house and kill five people — one survives, they have nothing to live for and it becomes blood for blood." 60 year old Sowdat has seen two of her children killed by the Russians. Another two have disappeared without a trace. "It’s genocide and it’s conducted openly," states Rusen Badalov, of the Chechen Salvation Committee. Despite Putin’s assurance to the contrary, Chechens believe that a bloody war is being waged against them. Daily ‘disappearances’ in every village tell the same story. It seems that Russia’s campaign to impose order is creating the terrorism they mean to crush.

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