WINNING CORRESPONDENT: Citizen Correspondent Maka Eradze from Georgia

Maka Eradze is volunteering as part of a group collecting the stories of refugees from the war in South Ossetia. According to her It’s their personal issue to make the world understand what has happened in Georgia in these days. “It is the will of Georgian people to be free and democratic. I can assure you, this is not biased pathos and propaganda. Most of the schools in Tbilisi are trying to provide the refugees with temporary shelter, so they organize interviews as well. This video and the following text tell the stories of Georgia’s internally displaced people (IDPs) in their own words, as translated by their interviewers,” – says Maka.
I personally want to thank Maka and all the others helping her for collaboration and providing me (I am not the only one using these informations) with news and informations about war in Georgia.
Read Maka Eradze’s reports on, the website of true stories from real people. features both famous and ordinary people, and uses the power of the Internet to make readers part of every story. They join discussions, share their own stories and take sides on issues through online polls and by commenting at the end of stories.  In 2008, the Webby Awards named Orato as an official honoree in the news category. The site was also named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites of 2008. 


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