Greetings from Ukraine

I woke up when the plane landed… I was very worried, like I have never been far away from Georgia, but this time everything appeared to be different. ….
……After one year in Italy I finally arrived in Georgia and it started. The war broke out exactly after one week. It was the worst summer since I was a child. Even worse happened when I was 6 years old and my family, my relatives, my neighbors and I had to leave Abkhazia, our homes…. wars of our lives…. one month vacation in Georgia passed in total war conditions, then it was time to leave for Ukraine. I didn’t really want to leave so soon, but I had to, my master program required it. so I left….
This is how I appeared in this plane. I drank a  glass of wine to relax and fell asleep…. Then I woke up hearing that we were landing  in Boryspil airport, Kyiv. somebody told me it would be 15 celsius in Kyiv, totally wrong, it was wormer then in Georgia. Sunny Ukraine was waiting for me. Why am I writing all this? because I moved to Kyiv and that’s why I wasn’t posting this week.  Kind of an excuse….

So, I am back! Hello from Kyiv!


Just for the mood

7 thoughts on “Greetings from Ukraine

  1. Welcome in Kyiv, Diana!:)
    The weather these days is damn crazy – it’s like really cold in the morning and damn hot in the afternoon:)
    By the way, the airport is actually called Boryspil:)

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