From Series: (in)Dependent State?!

Sukhumi residents watch the Independence Day parade from the frameless windows of the former Soviet parliament building. (Photo by Sophia Mizante) from

Yeah, September 30 was Independence Day for Abkhazia and tragic and mourning day for all the Other parts of Georgia.
Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the highest profile Russian politician attended Abkhaz Independence Day festivities and claimed that Russia has "always" supported Abkhazia. "We are always together!" he declared to thunderous applause.  How interesting it is, I remember Russia "always" supported sovereign and united Georgia, hm….. 
Some veterans of the 1992-1993 war with Georgia caution that such displays do not mean that Abkhazia is ready to merge with Russia. "I haven’t heard of any people saying they want to be part of Russia," said one Sukhumi veteran who gave his name as Merab. "We won’t give up our chance at statehood like that. Otherwise, what was the point of fighting?" Good  question merab, I wish you know the answer!!!
Concluded one elderly flower seller at Sukhumi’s bazaar: "Independence means we’re with Russia, and that we’re safe. That’s it. We can’t be independent without Russia."
No comments needed. This is how these newly recognized states of 21 century decide for their destiny.
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Posters of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Vladislav Ardzinba, the first president of the breakaway region Abkhazia, are available at a street vendor in Sukhumi on Sept. 30, the territory?s self-proclaimed Independence Day. (Photo by Sophia Mizante) from 


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