Sakartvelo – Through Foreigner Bloggers

I am more and more impressed how interesting and useful opportunity Blogging is… While surfing the internet found some interesting blogs of American  Fulbright researchers spending a year in Tbilisi.  One things is writing about  your home country, but it’s always much more exciting reading about  it through foreigner’s eyes. You always can learn a lot from such articles. Before I didn’t leave Georgia I thought differently about my country, now I have some more realistic aproaches and ideas about it.  When I first went to italy for an academic year and I was "attacked" with  tons of questions about Georgia and the region generally, I suddenly realized how many things I don’t know about my homeland and caucasus. It challanged me… So good for me… Above mentioned blogs I found through one of my favourite blogs "On my train ride to Moscow, I had an amazing dream: I was in the mountains in Georgia with a beard, wearing a white suit, eating shashlik, being important. It felt incredible." I wouldn’t characterize modern Georgian man in this way but still very interesting and would say old perseption 😉 read full article here on Ben Sweeney’s Weblog. Also read a blog called "About Our Man In Tbilisi – Taking a year out of academia, and spending it in Georgia". Such blogs can contribute for the better udnerstanding of this particular state and also why ectually it can be interesting for you to visit it. Of course considering just the blogs with trustful and realistic informations… I wil provide you with such blogs in the future as well…



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