YES, WE CAN or YES, WE WILL?! this is a question…

What can I say?!  Bush administration has left Obama an international mess. As top Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski told CNN Barack Obama would be faced with “imminent problems” in the context of foreign policy once he takes office, echoing prophetic warnings made recently by Joe Biden, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright.
For it’s part, EU Hopes For Greater Equality With U.S. – reports Ahto Lobjakas for
Radio Free Europe. Welcoming Obama’s promise of "change," EU foreign-policy chief Javier Solana said he hopes the new president will see the bloc as a partner in confronting global challenges. "The ticket on which Barack Obama has run is a ticket for change, and change is what we need in the world today," Solana said, adding that there are many problems on the table "and I very much hope that we will be able to do it together, to find a solution to them together, between the European Union and the United States. The European Union is willing, the European Union is ready."
Will the US change its attitude towards Georgia and Ukraine? Another hot topic. Some argue  the US policy towards Georgia won’t change with the election of Democrat Obama, some argue the opposite. One thing is clear: there is no chance Obama’s politics will be so open friendly as Bush’s used to be with Georgia and Ukraine. We will definitely experience much more diplomatic and restrained politics towards those east European states.
Another concerns about Nato enlargement were raised in europe on Monday by Angela Merkel. "NATO needs to reach out to Russia and make clear the defence alliance and Moscow will be most effective at fighting the world’s security problems if they work together," – Reuter reports Angela Merkel. German Chancellor said she welcomed the prospect of Georgia and Ukraine becoming members of NATO but warned that neither country would be ready to join
"in the foreseeable future". In the same article Reuter recalls times when merkel has been a leading critic of Russia, especially on issues like human rights. But on Monday she focused more on the importance of Russia.!
I know international politics isn’t about fairness and high values, but then what is it about at all?! I don’t want to live in such world. I don’t want to live in the world where people openly state "sorry, but we don’t care about you  – poor east European states, cause it’s much more important to be friendly with Russia. We are gravely concerned and that’s all we can do for you. It’s not our falt that you’re Russia’s neighbors. Deal on your own." For those who leaves such messages in the internet: dealing on your own is easy to condemn to but impossible to realize, because in such a region like east europe or particularly in caucasus it’s impossible to be neutral and to deal on your own, it’s crucially important to be part of some "democratic family". Everything has moral side and for west it will be the greatest mistake of the century if it cedes these states to Russia. I will again recall one statement from my research paper (previously published on my blog).
The decision to open the doors of NATO and the EU to central and eastern Europe in the 1990s was an example of successful crisis prevention. One can only imagine how much worse off the United States and Europe would be today if NATO and the EU had not been enlarged and they now had to worry about instability in the heart of Europe. If U.S. and European leaders again succeed in linking new democracies to NATO and the EU, ten years from now they will look back at a redrawn map of Europe and Eurasia and be thankful that they acted when they did. If they fail, future generations may well pay a high price for their passivity.
And in the end, while speaking about opening doors I am not necessarily speaking about membership but at least – giving some kind of membership-equal incentive to those countries, to Ukraine and Georgia. What kind of incentives? not sure yet, but will share with you as soon as I found out….  


One thought on “YES, WE CAN or YES, WE WILL?! this is a question…

  1. Brzezinski, Rockefeller, and other leaders of the CFR shadow government have built the United States police state to finally enslave the world’s “little people”.
    That last quote is important: The elite plan to achieve their New World Order by first making sure the United States police state gains complete power over all nations. This will allow them to destroy all semblance of independent national governments. Once this goal is achieved, they then plan to form their “Order”.
    This New Order will be controlled by the banks and huge corporations that the elite own and control. It will be a mixture of Corporate and One World Government rule.
    They plan on totalitarian rule.
    They plan on tyranny.
    Anyone not subservient to their wishes will be sent to New World Order prisons aboard New World Order railroad cars or simply killed outright.

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