12 Points for Singing and a Bullet for Presidents! or La vita e bella!

While Georgian young contestants were getting 12 points for their performance and finally became the winners of Junior Eurovision song contest 2008, Shots have been fired near a motorcade carrying the Georgian and Polish presidents. MR Kaczynski, who visits Georgia more often then his own home city in Poland (I guess) was visiting Sakartvelo due to the marking of the fifth anniversary of the Rose Revolution that swept Mr Saakashvili to power. No injuries were reported in the incident, close to a checkpoint near Georgia’s rebel South Ossetia region. Georgian officials said the shots came from inside South Ossetia. But Russia and South Ossetia denied the claim. So, here we go, the same stories of blames, to be continued….
BBC reporting:

President Mikhail Saakashvili and his Polish counterpart Lech Kaczynski were visiting an area where Georgian and Russian forces clashed in August. 
Since the August conflict there have been a string of incidents along the border, with each side accusing the other of violating a ceasefire agreement.

A witness travelling with Mr Saakashvili told Reuters news agency that uniformed South Ossetians fired warning shots after the convoy came within 30m of the de facto border.

Mr Saakashvili said the incident should serve as a "reminder" to European politicians that Russia was "brazenly violating" an EU-brokered ceasefire accord between Tbilisi and Moscow.

"Twenty-first Century occupiers, who have no legal, moral or other right to be there and oppress people, are stationed in the heart of Georgia," he said during a joint press conference with Mr Kaczynski.

But Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia denied firing on the convoy.

"The claims that Russian servicemen were implicated in the shelling of the cortege do not correspond with reality," a Russian spokesman was quoted as saying by Interfax news agency.

"A shelling of the cortege by our servicemen is completely out of the question."

Russian state media also reported South Ossetian denials that shells had been fired at the convoy.

"The South Ossetian side has nothing to do with it," said South Ossetian spokeswoman Irina Gagloyeva told RIA Novosti. "There was no shelling from our side."  


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