Tbilisi is Speaking!!!

I am finally back home to Georgia for holidays …. and some research work as well….
Going back to Tbilisi always brings me tons of emotions and special feelings, but recently I discovered there is one new type of feeling inside me: I started observing and comparing people with others I’ve met outside of Georgia and try to make conclusions, some kind of game of analyzing post-communist nations, not only in political sense but in everyday life level as well. Sometimes asking yourself what would Ukrainian or Armenian would say in this case and why?! Sometimes (when in transport) I am getting addicted to this game so much that I just pass by my destination. I want to know them: Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanians, other caucasians, Ukrainians, Russians….. This region is just fascinating, so much diverse, interesting, breathtaking, deep, unimaginably beautiful and troublesome at the same time. Actually I mean Caucasus in this particular case…. Just found an extremely interesting article by Thomas de Waal who is IWPR’s (Institute for War and Peace Reporting) outgoing Caucasus Editor. This article could be useful for all of you interested in Caucasus topic, especially for the beginners wishing to know more about this region. …"the sad reality is, that with its tangle of closed borders and ceasefire lines, the Caucasus more resembles a suicide pact…." –  Thomas de Waal stating. Fair and interesting point of view from outside… I am sure you’re already curious to read this article…. so go ahead… L

p.s.  By February 2009 I will be reporting from Tbilisi…..


One thought on “Tbilisi is Speaking!!!

  1. georgia
    yes i think Russia trying to re-constitute the old soviet union , it didnt work out before , so why try again . now i see where they to move Lenin body to another place . i read where russia has the record for deepest hole , 7 miles deep in Siberia , a fitting plase for him . room a plenty in that hole , yes i know russia monior all stuff , so monitor lizzard this . Dewey

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