EU’s report on Georgia’s ENP Action Plan

Georgia managed to advance the implementation of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) action plan in some of key areas, but “less progress” was made in others, including in media freedom, according to an annual progress report released by the European Commission on April 23.
The progress report on Georgia says that despite number of “extraordinary events” in 2008, including the August war and early parliamentary and presidential elections, Georgia managed to made achievements in “the fight against corruption, reforms in the rule of law area, especially in facilitating access to justice, improving detention conditions in the penitentiary system and efforts to combat torture and inhumane and degrading treatment.”
“Georgia made less progress in the implementation of some other key objectives of the ENP Action Plan,” the report reads. “Media freedom and pluralism remain areas of concern. Injecting new momentum into political reforms, economic recovery, the effective implementation of a comprehensive national IDP strategy and more consistent alignment with the EU regulatory system as well as advancing sectoral reforms, will continue to be key challenges in 2009.”


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