Sides Meet at S.Ossetian Administrative Border

First meeting in frames of incident prevention mechanisms, tentatively agreed during the recent round of talks in Geneva, was held between the representatives of the Georgian side, the South Ossetian sides, the Russian forces and OSCE and EU monitors on April 23. The meeting was held in a specially erected tent between the Georgian and South Ossetian checkpoints at the Ergneti village on the administrative border, Civil Georgia reports. 
Shota Utiashvili, head of the Georgian Interior Ministry’s information and analytical department, told journalists after the meeting that “no progress on concrete issues” had been made.

“We [the sides] agree that this format is necessary and we have agreed that the [next] meeting will apparently take place in early May,” Utiashvili told journalists in Ergneti after the meeting. An exact date has yet to be agreed.

Sergey Antonov, deputy chief of staff of the Russia’s land forces, told Interfax news agency that the sides agreed to establish “a 24-hour hotline.” Establishment of such “hotline” for having contacts between the sides was part of the incident prevention proposals agreed during the Geneva meeting in February.

Shota Utiashvili told Civil.Ge later on April 23, that the Georgian side was ready to establish this type of hotline and an officer from the Shida Kartli police department had already been assigned as a liaison officer for that purpose. He said it was now up to the South Ossetian side to take the similar steps. He also said fact that the first meeting took place was a positive step in itself. 


One thought on “Sides Meet at S.Ossetian Administrative Border

  1. Georgia
    When the Roman empire crumbled there was chaos for more than 500 years, all the little tribal chieftain wanted to be the boss. So far nothing has changed, when Tito kicked the bucket chaos ensued in Yugoslavia, thousands of people died – of course Tito was a tyrant! -. Another tyrant was Saddam Hussein, he terrorized his people by killing them, just compare the amount of people killed by Saddam in 20 years and the amount killed since the U.S. freed them. About Russia another empire that went down the drain and their cookie crumbled and a bunch of greedy little regional “leaders” wanted to be the boss, corruption, lying, trickery of all sorts, everything is acceptable in order to become “president”, not even the lives of their citizens, Shaaska whatchemacallit should be in jail for criminal behavior, let’s not forget here that Georgia ruled Russia through Stalin.
    I don’t think Georgia should be a member of NATO, this is an insult to Russia and the Americans who support this kind of idea simply never got over the cold war. Democracy is a tool, or a system and one has to learn how to use it and it takes years and years to hone it, how can one compare a Mac and a PC when he’s never seen a computer? the only good thing so far are the presidents of the U.S. and France and only because they are younger, they use a different language closer to the people and have a different attitude and approach.

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