After UN report story, now Benetton in Abkhazia

Hürriyet Daily News reports, that Benetton Turkey, the Turkish arm of Italy’s leading manufacturer, announced the opening of a store in Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, a breakaway region of Georgia. Benetton Turkey became the first global brand to do so, after opening up a store in Tbilisi, Georgia.
"Abkhazia is the door that opens the historical Silk Road to the sea. It has a strategic importance with its tourism and sea transportation," said Zeynep Selgur, general manager of Benetton Turkey, in a statement yesterday. "Benetton was the first global brand to open a branch in Turkey in1985. We are proud to continue this trend in Abkhazia. We would like to continue our investments in Turkic Republics and in Cyprus."

What will be the response of Georgian government?


5 thoughts on “After UN report story, now Benetton in Abkhazia

  1. მაგარი სისულელეა! ახლა კიდე ბენეტონს გააგდებენ აქედან ამის გამო
    ჯობია რუსეთის ჯარს და გემებს ებრძოლონ

  2. If they have no qualms with opening stores in occupied Cyprus, I guess this shouldn’t be surprising.
    Heaven knows that residents of Sokhumi are just loaded with the discretionary income necessary to buy Benetton’s outmoded designer clothing. Maybe Russia will subsidize leisurewear as well?
    Anyway, I would like the Turkish government to respond – not Georgia.

  3. You see, business don’t know what is pride and respect. They have only money- that’s the only value that is acknowledged. I have worked for similar business a bit, so I know the kitchen of this.

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