Refugees in Georgia accusing UN secretarygeneral of “unprecedented inadequacy”

Congress of the refugees expressed concern on the unprecedented inadequate approach to the existing realities in Georgia in the report of UN Secretary-General submitted to the Security Council. For the first time, the UN secretary general’s report does not fix that the territorial integrity of Georgia is inviolable and a traditional phrase "Abkhazia, Georgia" was removed from the text, the congress’s Chairman David Gulua said at a news conference on May 25. "On the backdrop of the Russian aggression in August 2008 and occupation of the country’s large parts, we accept such an approach as an attempt to hush crimes of the aggressor-country and its fifth column against humanity," he said.
The refugees’ congress has sent a special address to Ban Ki-Moon, which expresses its strong protest.
"It is categorically inadmissible for us and inadequate approach to the criminal regime of Abkhazia causes surprise, which seized the power via the genocide and violence," the address said.
Congress of the refugees said that it knows the price of the negotiations well. Therefore, the congress waited patiently and with hope that the peace process under UN auspices would have made a real prospect of resolving the conflict. "But from this point of view, the UN secretary general’s report – the subject of extreme concern, since called into question the integrity and the fundamental principles for which protection the UN was founded. Therefore, we believe that the approaches outlined in the report are contrary to the UN Charter and fundamental principles of international law. We state with a sense of responsibility that such an attitude could lead to a new escalation of the conflict," the Congress states.
Georgia, Tbilisi, May 25 /Trend News


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