“A Little War That Shook The World”

"A Little War That Shook The World: Georgia, Russia and the Future of the West" is a recently released book by Ronald Asmus, executive director of the Brussels-based Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. The other day I saw it on the shelf of a book-store in Tbilisi and I am definitely buying t these days. Though I haven’t read it yet, from what I can conclude from articles and interviews dedicated to this book, it is quite an interesting peace of work that tries to look at August war and Georgian-Russian relationship from a different perspective, not popular in Brussels and Washington. Asmus tells RFE/RL’s James Kirchick that leaders in Europe and the United States have yet to grasp the war’s full meaning.
"And I think we need to regroup, debate what we really want, what we really think of the principles we’ve tried to articulate over the last 20 years. Leave EU and NATO enlargement aside as the next set of issues, It’s really now about the independence and sovereignty of these countries and whether they really have any of these rights to align themselves with the West. And there’s a debate about whether they’re ready and whether we want to embrace them.. We’re back to some basic issues. The closer you get to Russia’s borders, the more sensitive it is for Russia. But it tests our commitment to the universality of these values and principles," – quote from the intervew.
Read full Interview HERE.


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