EU-Georgia: simplifying the visa regime

Negotiations on simplifying the visa regime with European countries have ended and directives concerning this and some other significant issues for the South Caucasus will be delivered to the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council for confirmation on May 10, said Stefan Fule, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, at a meeting of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on April 28. The European Union (EU) and Georgia will sign an agreement on simplifying the visa regime for Georgian citizens traveling to EU countries in mid-June.
Under the current draft document, the visa regime will be simplified for 20 categories of Georgian citizens. Also, the cost of short-term Schengen visas will be reduced twice. The visas for persons with a diplomatic passport visas will be abolished completely. The Georgian students, teachers and professors, journalists and athletes, excluding businessmen, will receive free visas. Multiple visa with duration from 2 to 5 years will be provided selectively, and only those with “clean” files.


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