The heroine of the wrong century…

I am more and more convinced that this world has become a place where everything moral has become imoral, everything right – wrong, everything wrong – right, valuable – invaluable, no simpathy to another human being, everything permitted and forgiven in advance!!…
Perhaps, this world always has been like this, maybe its just about me?! or maybe I was born in the wrong decade?!. The heroine of the wrong century?!… I guess Kundera had the same concerns back in his times when he wrote: “…the profound moral perversity of a world that rests essentially on the nonexistence of return, for in this world everything is pardoned in advance and therefore everything cynically permitted.


One thought on “The heroine of the wrong century…

  1. Seems like you took my words seriously and this post is a bit pessimistic… People like you are, are and will always be appreciated in any century!

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