Musical Break

I won’t say anything. I am not in the mood of writing. Just listen. Music will tell you what I have on my mind…

Politics, economics and news you ask? ahhhh, not today please, at least at 4 am we can chill out and relax. Russia, EU, USA, Georgia, Iran and Afghanistan will sound more melodic afterwards, trust me…

But if you still insist, then listen to a rare chill-out version of  “Georgia on my mind”. I loved it:

Following composition goes without a comment…

And finally amazing Barbra… She is one of my favourites of all times, I simply adore her. Here is some interesting peace of work from her that I found some months ago. If you listen to it, before she starts singing there is a short introduction and Barbra finishes it with “If you know what I mean.” Yes, Barbra I do know…


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