Useful for PHD researchers from South Caucasus

If I was conducting PHD studies, I would definitely use this opportunity. Already saved the link for the future.

Meanwhile, PHD researchers from South Caucasus could benefit from it. I am talking about the ACADEMIC SWISS CAUCASUS NET (ASCN). It is a 5-year programme aiming at promoting social sciences and humanities in the South Caucasus. The various actors involved in the programme believe that by doing so it encourages constructive debates on society and thus contributes to the transformation process of the region. As the official web says, the different activities foreseen in the programme aim at contributing to the emergence of a new generation of talented researchers in the three Republics of the South Caucasus.

Young promising researchers are supported through research projects, capacity-building trainings and scholarships. The ASCN Programme is run and coordinated by the Interfaculty Institute for Central and Eastern Europe (IICEE) of the University of Fribourg. It is supported by GEBERT RÜF STIFTUNG. In its initial phase, the programme is mainly focusing on Georgia. The programme will be extended to Armenia and Azerbaijan in 2011.

Each year a limited number of short-term grants (one week to one month) to Switzerland are available for young researchers from the South Caucasus. These grants offer scholars (PhD. candidates and higher) from the region the following possibilities: participation to a conference in Switzerland, exchange with Swiss scholars and visit of Swiss academic institutions with the goal to initiate cooperation, exchange on specific research projects, work on an ongoing (PhD.) project and benefit from research infrastructure in Switzerland.

For the year 2010, grants are restricted to Georgian citizens. The grants are open to researchers from all Georgian institutions of higher education in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Applications can be made any time during the year.

For the rest visit their official web-site. Hope it can somehow help you.


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