Refugees and the war aftermath. Photo coverage

George Kvizhinadze photos. Follow this Link



Bang, bang, My Baby Shot my down….

Links to YOUTUBE videos about Russia-Georgia war, August, 2008

Russian soldiers steeling forks, terrorizing journalists 
Dutch camera man killed by Russian cluster bomb in Gori 

Kokoiti scolding his “ministers” like kids 

 Russian dissident Novodvorskaya – interview

Russian soldiers are shooting Turkish journalists

 Russia Sinks Georgian Ships in Poti Port – August 13, 2008:

War in Georgia. Georgian town Gori is now controlled by Russians

 Village Eredvi after Russsian aviation bombing, Georgia

Gori: ‘The Russians are coming’

 Civilians bear the brunt in Gori – 13 Aug 08

 Brzezinski On Russia/Georgia Crisis

Russian War Criminal, General Baranov, Hero of Russia, Chechnia

Russian aviation bombing civilians in Gori

 Victims and witnesses of the war, 3 (with subtitles) 

Victims and witnesses of the war 2 (with subtitles)–WJcr8 

 Victims and witnesses of the war (with subtitles) 1 

Russian soldiers in Gori 

 Refugees in Tbilisi

Russian criminal General in Chechnia

Russia to rebuild Soviet Union

Russian soldiers about Georgian army living conditions 

Musical Clip -I am Georgian

Russian bombing 

Timeline of war, part 1 

 Timeline of war, part 2

Russian aggression against journalists  

Smoke above Borjomi forest 

Refugee story from Tamarasheni, Georgia

 Russians burnt camp for pupils in ganmukhuri, Georgia

 Russian troops are burning Georgian protected areas

Victims of war are forced to leave their homeland 

Witnesses of destruction by Russian troops in South Ossetia 

Russian army is taking villages outside the conflict zone 

Russian soldiers robbing Poti terminal in Georgia

Destroying Poti Port in Georgia by Russian forces

Engine boats stolen by Russian army from Poti, Georgia

Witnesses and victims of war in South Ossetia, Georgia.Part 5

Maraudering and terrorizing facts in Georgia (South Ossetia)

Ossetian-Georgian family – “We all blame Russia!”

Russians shot to British Airways’ civil plane

Russia began to withdraw its forces from Georgia? 

Russians arrested the ambassador of France in Georgia