Mapping Stereotypes

Alphadesigner extremely interesting web by Yanko Tsvetkov, freelance graphic designer and a visual artist from Bulgaria. Mapping Stereotypes Project is one of the projects conducted for him.

There is Europe and there is another Europe of stereotypes. Yanko Tsvetkov has mapped some of the stereotypes that have always pervaded the Old World. Tsevtkov’s aim was to describe how the citizens of world see other countries and what was an experiment is now a runaway success with more than half a billion visitors logging on to the artist’s Mapping Stereotypes website to view the charts.

Here are some of the maps, for the rest visit the web.

Europe according to the Greeks

L’europa Berlusconiana

Europe according to the Vatican

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Arab Spring


Nato disagreements still simmer

       AFP photos            
"Nato is becoming the battle-ground for competing national positions rather than being the place where things are resolved," – says Nato diplomat. Read the article about NATO FM meeting by Jonathan Marcus, Diplomatic correspondent for BBC News. 
" The atmosphere in the run-up to this meeting of Nato foreign ministers was acrimonious. One diplomatic insider likened it to "bureaucratic trench-warfare" with all sides digging in and the gap between national positions seemingly unbridgeable. In the event Nato has reached agreement, both on what its Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Schefferon describes as "a conditional and graduated re-engagement with Russia", and on a mechanism for promoting political and military reforms in Georgia and Ukraine which will help to keep them on track towards eventual Nato membership. The argument on Georgia and Ukraine was about means rather than ends," – Jonathan Marcus reports.


Breaches by Russia of the Ceasefire Agreement

Map No. 1: This map gives an overview of the current checkpoint situation:

Map No2: Location of checkpoints in Central Georgia

Map No3: Location of checkpoints in Western Georgia