Saakashvili on UN Chief Report on Abkhazia

President Saakashvili said on June 5, that Georgia reacted firmly and did not “swallowed” removal of “Abkhazia, Georgia” wording from the UN Secretary General’s recent report on Abkhazia. Civil Georgia reports.




Georgia Denies Existence of ‘Secret August War Order’

Temur Iakobashvili, the Georgian state minister for reintegration, has strongly denied reports that President Saakashvili issued an order authorizing launch of military operations on August 7 “to restore constitutional order” in breakaway South Ossetia. Iakobashvili said the report was “part of series of lies and misinformation” by Russia, which aimed at misleading EU-funded war inquiry mission, led by Swiss diplomat, Heidi Tagliavini.

Saakashvili Testifies Before War Commission

President Saakashvili testified before the parliamentary commission studying the August war on November 28. He told the commission that his decision on August 7 to launch a military operation was “inevitable” because the Russian troops were already advancing into breakaway South Ossetia and because the Georgian-controlled villages inside the breakaway region were under heavy shelling.
Saakashvili said that the August war to a certain extend had “complicated” restoration of the Georgia’s territorial integrity, but on the other hand, he said, it made the process even “easier” because the war demonstrated that Russia was not at all “peacekeeper” but “an aggressor.”
Foreign diplomats accredited in Tbilisi were invited by the Georgian authorities to attend the hearings.
Below are key points of the hearing, which last for up to five hours: Source

12 Points for Singing and a Bullet for Presidents! or La vita e bella!

While Georgian young contestants were getting 12 points for their performance and finally became the winners of Junior Eurovision song contest 2008, Shots have been fired near a motorcade carrying the Georgian and Polish presidents. MR Kaczynski, who visits Georgia more often then his own home city in Poland (I guess) was visiting Sakartvelo due to the marking of the fifth anniversary of the Rose Revolution that swept Mr Saakashvili to power. No injuries were reported in the incident, close to a checkpoint near Georgia’s rebel South Ossetia region. Georgian officials said the shots came from inside South Ossetia. But Russia and South Ossetia denied the claim. So, here we go, the same stories of blames, to be continued….

43 Questions about War to President Saakashvili

Exactly after 2 monthes since August war in Georgia it’s time for asking questions and analizing what heappend. Former Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze said she had 43 questions on which she wanted answers from the authorities over the August war with Russia. “The authorities claim that they have answers to all the questions; so, we expect them to give answers publicly within the next few days,” Burjanadze said at a press conference on October 1. 


Extremly Interesting interview from Moscow. Эхо Москвы / Передачи / Особое мнение / Пятница, 29.08.2

Available just In Russian

Дата : 29.08.2008 17:07
Передача : Особое мнение
Ведущие : Лев Гулько
Гости : Валерия Новодворская

Л. ГУЛЬКО: Меня зовут Лев Гулько, это передача «Особое мнение», в студии журналист Валерия Новодворская. Добрый вечер.
В. НОВОДВОРСКАЯ: Добрый вечер, Лева, что это вы без противогаза?
Л. ГУЛЬКО: У меня лицо такое, что вы, какой противогаз?
В. НОВОДВОРСКАЯ: «Эхо» очень близко от Кремля расположено.
Л. ГУЛЬКО: И вы думаете, что?
В. НОВОДВОРСКАЯ: Если ракета-томогавк попадет в Кремль.
Л. ГУЛЬКО: То противогаз не поможет, я вас уверяю, поэтому я без противогаза.
В. НОВОДВОРСКАЯ: Т.е. уже ничего не поможет?



Original Statements of United Nations Security Council members, August 28

August 28, 2008
UN Webcast Archive
5969th Meeting (PM)


Russian Federation Reads Out Decrees to Council;
Georgia Says Declarations Illegal, Country Invaded, But Not Defeated


IRAKLI ALASANIA ( Georgia) said he appreciated the convening of the meeting and thanked the Secretariat for the updates on the situation. He said the request for a meeting of the Council had been necessitated by the illegal unilateral act of the Russian Federation concerning South Ossetia and Abkhazia. On 26 August, a decree had been made by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in which he referred to the two regions as republics, in violation of the principles of respect for the territorial integrity of States. The Russian Federation’s action was, therefore, contrary to the very principles and values on which the United Nations was founded. The Russian Federation, a member of the Security Council, had interfered in the principles of the inviolability of States and their territorial integrity, and its illegal and unilateral action had already come under condemnation by the international community. Now, the Russian Federation must be sent the strongest message by the Security Council so as to ensure other separatist elements in the world did not misread the message about such action.